The Fund carefully designed this facility to meet members’ short-term financial needs such as the payment of school fees, rent advance and any other general repairs at home. The maximum amount a member of the Fund can access as Personal loan is Thirty-Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH₵ 35,000), payable over forty-eight months (48months) or four years (4years).

The ability of a member to access any amount is dependent on the available affordability of the member. One must have contributed to the Fund for a minimum of six (6) months to be able to qualify to access the loan facility.

The following are the relevant documents needed to apply for this facility:

  1. A completed Personal Loan application form obtained from the GNAT District Secretariat.
  2. Two (2) passport sized photographs
  3. Two (2) signed Mandate Forms with different serial numbers
  4. A Mandate Request Form (provided by GNAT District Secretariat)
  5. A copy of a Valid ID
  6. A copy of your recent payslip