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Retirement Supplement & Solidarity Scheme The Teachers' Fund is a retirement supplement and Solidarity scheme for the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) established by a Trust Deed in May 1998.

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There are four main loan facilities that members of the Fund can access to meet their financial needs.

This loan facility has been designed to assist members meet their short-term financial obligations such as payment of School fees, rent advance and any other general repairs at home.
This facility has been put together to support a greater number of GNAT members who desire to solve their accommodation challenges or aspire to build their homes before they retire from active service.
More often than not, members of the Fund have business ideas for which they need funds to finance. The Investment Capital Loan facility has been designed for this purpose.
This facility is meant to finance the purchase of vehicles by loan applicants. It is the only loan facility at the Fund that cheques are not written in the name of the applicant rather it is in the name of the vehicle vendor.
Time with our retirees

In October 2019, Madam Margaret Lardi Akparibo one of the pioneers of the Teachers’ Fund went on retirement.

Having contributed to the Fund since its inception, Madam Akparibo went home with a huge sum of money totaling Ninety-Three Thousand, Eight-Hundred and Twenty-Five Ghana Cedis, Thirty-Seven Pesewas (GH¢93,825.37)

In the first of our series “TIME WITH OUR RETIREES”, Sena Atoklo recently visited Madam Margaret Akparibo in her home at Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region to interact with her about her days with the Fund.



As a member of the Teachers’ Fund, one is expected to make a monthly contribution to the Fund which is then invested on behalf of the member.  There are two category of member contributions- the Basic contribution and the Optional contributions.

For members who opt for the Basic contribution, they contribute the minimum monthly contribution which is currently pegged at Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢50) and for Optional contributions, the member contributes more than the minimum monthly amount.

There is a correlation between the amount a member contributes and how much returns he/she earns on his total contribution upon retirement. Thus the higher the members’ contribution, the bigger the amount he/she takes home when he/she retires.


Each member is entitled to an exit package of a lump sum from the Fund on retirement. This lump sum package is made up of one’s total contributions and the Interest that the amount has generated over the years.  Exit package for deceased members are paid to their Next of Kin.

Group Solidarity

Members are eligible for the group solidarity package in the event of death and permanent disability. Upon the death of a member, a package comprising his total contributions together with his accumulated return and an amount of GHC 500.00 is paid to the next of kin. Also, where a member is certified to be permanently incapacitated and unable to teach any longer, he/she is compensated with GHC 500.00. Additionally, the person is paid his total contributions and accumulated returns.


Upon the death of a member, an exit package is calculated and paid to the deceased member’s nominated Next of Kin (Beneficiaries) according to the percentage allocation as determined by the member whilst he/she was alive. This package consists of the total amount contributed plus the Interest accrued by the contributions. This is paid as a lump sum to Next of Kin of the deceased member.


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