More often than not, members of the Fund have business ideas for which they need funds to finance. The Investment Capital Loan facility has been designed for this purpose. This specialized facility with a sixty month repayment schedule, has Forty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢40,000) as the maximum amount one can access and this is subject to the applicant’s affordability being able to meet the repayment schedule. To qualify to access this loan facility one must be an optional contributor with a monthly contribution of at least One Hundred and fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢150).

The following are the requirements for this facility:

  • A completed Investment Loan Application Form provided by the GNAT District Secretariat.
  • Two (2) separate Authority Notes
  • One (1) Loan Advance Form
  • One (1) Deductions Form

All the above documents will be supplied by the GNAT District Secretariat.

However, the applicant is expected to provide the following:

a. Two (2) signed Mandate Forms with different serial numbers

b. Two (2) passport sized photographs

c. A copy of a Valid ID

d. A copy of your recent Affordability

e. A copy of your recent Payslip

f. Evidence of Business ownership (Business Registration certificate etc.)