Habitat Loan

This facility has been designed to assist members to undertake their housing projects. It has been put together to support a greater number of GNAT members who desire to solve their accommodation challenges or aspire to build their homes before they retire from active service.  The maximum amount a member can access for this facility is Fifty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢50,000) to be repaid over Five years (5years). To access the Habitat loan facility, a member must do the following:

a. Complete a Habitat Loan Application Form provided by the GNAT District Secretariat.

b. Two (2) separate Authority Notes

c. One (1) Loan Advance Form

d. One (1) Deductions Form

All the above documents will be supplied to you by the GNAT District Secretariat. However, the applicant is expected to provide the following:

  1. Two (2) signed Mandate Forms with different serial numbers
  2. Two (2) passport sized photographs 
  3. A copy of a Valid ID
  4. A copy of your recent Affordability
  5. A copy of your recent Payslip.
  6. Evidence of land ownership in the form of Indenture, Site Plan, Yellow Card, Building permit etc.