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It is the aspiration of every individual to own a house of his/her own. The Teachers Fund has been positioned to help its members to realize their aspirations of owning a house(s) by making available a housing loan facility called Habitat Loan. Read more

Personal Loan

This is a facility made available to registered members who have the unique Teachers Fund Identification number to enable them resolve their short term financial needs. These needs could include payment of rent advance, school fees and other personal expenses. Read more

Vehicle Finance Loan

One of the benefits of being a member of the Fund is the opportunity to access the Vehicle Finance Loan facility. Under this facility, the Fund finances the purchase of vehicles for members. Read more.

Investment Capital Loan

The Investment Capital Loan is a facility intended to support members of the Fund to undertake investment activities such as the purchase of land, acquisition of commercial vehicles and setting up small scale business ventures.  Read more

About Teachers Fund

  • Established -1998
  • Membership - 160,000
  • Fund Value - GHC 330 M
  • Investment Return - 80%

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