Basic Contribution To Teachers Fund Increased.

The National Council of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT has given approval for an increase in the monthly basic contribution of members to the Teachers Fund. The new minimum contribution will commence in the month of March, 2015.

 The Fund set up in May 1998, serves as a retirement supplement scheme for registered members of GNAT.  Over the years, the Fund has grown both in numbers and in value.

The Teachers Fund is the second largest pension scheme in Ghana with over One hundred and Seventy Thousand contributors.  Currently, the Fund is valued at over three hundred million Cedis with an average Return on Investment of 80%.  

Brong Ahafo Leads in Examination Fraud in 2014 WASSCE

The Brong Ahafo Region has been ranked the topmost region in examination malpractices for 2014. The region recorded over four thousand cases of examination malpractices. An official of the West African Examinations Council, N.C Johnson speaking at a stakeholders’ dialogue on examinations malpractices noted that 8,051 candidates were involved acts of examination malpractice. Out of this figure the Brong Ahafo region recorded over four thousand cases. The statistics suggest that one out of every five candidate in the region was involved in examination malpractice.

Mr. Johnson noted that the disappointing part of the issue is that parents and teachers who ordinarily should speak against such acts were rather deeply involved in it and were actually encouraging the practice.

Education Minister, Professor Jayne Naana Opoku-Agyemang bemoaned the practice and said such acts go a long way in affecting and undermining the credibility of the certificates awarded to students.

Credit: Daily Graphic

Government Asked To Consider adding Nursery To Basic Education

Government has been urged to consider including nursery education as part of the country’s education policy. The suggestion if implemented will ensure access and good foundation for all children. The Eastern Regional Multi Sectorial Committee on Child Protection is making the appeal. According to the committee a number of children of school going age between 3 and 5 are not in school because of lack of either a school in their community or financial capabilities to afford private nursery education. 

The Eastern Regional Director of the Department of Children at the Gender Ministry, Anthony Dontoh said studies conducted showed that over 63% of children less than five years in the region are not in school because parents cannot afford the high fees charged at the nursery level. He added that even for those who have the means to send their children to nursery schools, the schools are far from the communities making it impossible for the children to trek to access these facilities.

Church Meetings In Schools Not Indoctrination Sessions

The Vice Chancellor of the Valley View University has added his voice to the recent debate over religious activities on school campuses. Professor Daniel Buor speaking at the matriculation ceremony of students of the University noted that church meetings for students should not be seen as an avenue to indoctrinate them but rather a move to draw students closer to God. He pointed out that schools not only seek the academic development of their students but also their spiritual development.  

munities making it impossible for the children to trek to access these facilities.

Credit: Ghanaian Times

Management Of Pension Schemes-GNAT shows the way with the Teachers Fund


The issue of Pensions has dominated the news in recent times. The argument about the subject has been whether or not the Ghanaian Labour force can effectively and efficiently manage the tier-2 pension funds or contributions themselves. The arguments and counter arguments vis-à-vis the three tier Pension law set my mind thinking and wondering which best examples in terms of management of pension funds I can point to and make a case for Labour.  The truth is that I do not want to use examples from the west- a practice we all are guilty of.  At the least provocation we are quick to draw comparisons with what transpires in the western world when in fact we can look for unique success stories peculiar to our situations several of which abound in Ghana to buttress our points. Even with the current debate over the tier-2 Pensions scheme, I have heard references being made to Norway.  This is a far cry from what we all expect our leaders to do.

I believe strongly that we need not travel far in looking for a success story in terms of pensions managed privately or by an Association, something Labour is advocating for at this moment.

30 Teachers nabbed for pay slip fraud

In the month of October, 2014, the Audit Department together with the Credit Department of the Fund undertook an exercise to arrest some contributors to the Fund who attempted to access credit facilities with fraudulent pay slips.

The culprits with the help of some middlemen (usually IT experts) redesign their pay slips by manipulating figures of their monthly salaries on the slips. These forged pay slips are then presented to the Fund to enable the culprits to access various sums of loans that they are not entitled to.

Owing to the vigilance of the Audit Unit coupled with the robust internal mechanisms put in place to scrutinize documents before approval, these fraudulent acts were detected.

Management subsequently reported to the police and a road map was drawn to apprehend the culprits.