Government Asked To Consider adding Nursery To Basic Education

Government has been urged to consider including nursery education as part of the country’s education policy. The suggestion if implemented will ensure access and good foundation for all children. The Eastern Regional Multi Sectorial Committee on Child Protection is making the appeal. According to the committee a number of children of school going age between 3 and 5 are not in school because of lack of either a school in their community or financial capabilities to afford private nursery education. 

The Eastern Regional Director of the Department of Children at the Gender Ministry, Anthony Dontoh said studies conducted showed that over 63% of children less than five years in the region are not in school because parents cannot afford the high fees charged at the nursery level. He added that even for those who have the means to send their children to nursery schools, the schools are far from the communities making it impossible for the children to trek to access these facilities.