Dare to be different

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your fantasies remain fantasies forever? And have you ever wondered why others see through their fantasies to achieve Greatness ? The simple reason is many of us do not want to be different. We want to go along with the flow, the status quo. We attempt to be like someone rather than being ourselves. If we continue along this line, we definitely cannot make any difference in our lives let alone our communities.

The various successful men and women whose achievements we always glorify several years after they are dead and gone resolved to do one thing- they DARED TO BE DIFFERENT.

As we start a new week and a new month, we will no doubt have opportunities to be different—to go against the flow. Don’t be intimidated. Let us all resolve to DARE TO BE DIFFERENT and see what impact we shall be making in our work places, homes and the various communities within which we live.