The Fund is governed by a fifteen member Board of Trustees made up of

  • Ten regional representatives of GNAT; one from each region in Ghana.
  • Two  executive members of the National Council of GNAT
  • Three non- members of GNAT


Teachers' Fund Organisational StructureThe regional representatives are teachers from the ten regions of the country. These individuals are nominated by members of GNAT at the regional level to represent them on the Board and they are recognized as ex-officio members of Regional Executive Committees of GNAT. They are expected to report regularly to their constituents on the Fund’s operations and get their views reflected on the policy direction of the Fund. 

GNAT further appoints three external Board members to the Board of Trustees by virtue of their expertise in matters relating to Fund Management.

The National Council of GNAT is represented on the Board by two of its Executive Officers.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees is selected by the National Council of GNAT.  The Board Chairman presents an annual report on the operations and activities of the Teachers Fund to the National Council of GNAT yearly.

In 1999, a Trust Deed was signed between GNAT and the Board of Trustees of the Teachers Fund. The Deed and the Rules and Regulations articulate the broad framework within which the Board is expected to oversee the management of the affairs of the Fund. In this document, GNAT has entrusted the Board of Trustees with the safe-keeping and sound management of the Fund. The Fund is currently registered under the companies code 1963(ACT 179) as a Company Limited by Guarantee with GNAT as the sole shareholder. 

The Trustees have maintained a prudent portfolio by investing in both listed and unlisted equities whilst ensuring that investments are in accordance with the Fund’s objectives of investing a portion of its funds in long term holdings.